A Profession of Arms - CPL Class | Shelby Township, MI

                          Macomb County, MI


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Glenn Bowels is a 24 years military firearm instructor-retired, state-certified range officer, who provides the Clinton Township area with CPL classes. He is a former police SWAT team officer/police officer, as well as an NRA instructor in law enforcement, personal protection in the home, and basic pistol training.


About Glenn Bowles

Glenn Bowles' experience:

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Glenn is NRA certified and

Former Law Enforcement Certified

  • NCOIC - Combat Arms Training and Maintenance

  • State high power rifle team

  • Captain of the Michigan national guard state combat rifle and pistol team

  • All-guard high power rifle team

  • All-guard international combat rifle and pistol team

  • Double distinguished

  • 10 years SWAT officer

  • President's 100 rifle

  • Chief 50 combat rifle

  • T.A.R.A. 50 combat rifle

  • 24 years as a law enforcement officer

  • Use of force instructor

  • Subject control defensive tactics instructor

  • Sub machine gun instructor

  • Patrol rifle instructor

  • Handgun/shotgun instructor