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Glenn Bowels is a 24 years military firearm instructor-retired, state-certified range officer, who provides the Clinton Township area with CPL classes. He is a former police SWAT team officer/police officer, as well as an NRA instructor in law enforcement, personal protection in the home, and basic pistol training.


As an instructor of the Macomb County Criminal Justice Training Center he trains courses in advanced police firearms training, basic police academy firearms, and is a subject control instructor.

About Glenn Bowles

Glenn Bowles' experience:

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Glenn is NRA certified and

MCOLES certified

  • NCOIC - Combat Arms Training and Maintenance

  • State high power rifle team

  • Captain of the Michigan national guard state combat rifle and pistol team

  • All-guard high power rifle team

  • All-guard international combat rifle and pistol team

  • Double distinguished

  • 10 years SWAT officer

  • President's 100 rifle

  • Chief 50 combat rifle

  • T.A.R.A. 50 combat rifle

  • 24 years as a law enforcement officer

  • Use of force instructor

  • Subject control defensive tactics instructor

  • Sub machine gun instructor

  • Patrol rifle instructor

  • Handgun/shotgun instructor